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Registered Name: Tonembee Association/Association Tonembee

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Tonembee Association is a 100% volunteer charity dedicated to education and alternative sustainable energy use in third world countries. Currently we aid a small village in rural Kenya by educating girls and boys who otherwise would never have a chance to attend high school or university. Additionally, we  provide funds and resources for the creation and distribution of solar cookers in an area where electricty is unavailable and charcoal use is dangerous and expensive. These astonishing, low tech devices have helped the villagers to dramatically improve their environment and eradicate water borne diseases like dysentery, cholera, and typhoid.

?Friends and contributors to Tonembee are dedicated to personal, one-on-one support for Kithuia Village, Kenya. Our all-volunteer team both in Canada and Kenya, works directly with the villagers, so 100% of contributions go directly to the needy and qualified students and families.

Tonembee has supplied resources for 900 cookers and our goal is to supply 700 more for Kithuia Village. Originally we purchased the cookers and now we provide resources for the villagers to build and distribute their own. We would also like to help the village create a sustainable industry of creation and distribution to other African communities. $40 provides one solar cooker to a local family.

With so many orphans left behind from the devastating effects of disease, famine, and drought, there are simply no resources available to send children to school. Especially girls, who are often held back on the farms as caretakers and babysitters. Tonembee got involved and educated the first girl in the village who went to high school and on to university. A huge achievement for an orphan living in poverty in a mud-hut village with no running water or electricity. Ten years later, Tonembee has supported 30 kids in high school and 7 university students. For $680 you can send a qualifying student to a boarding high school where they are housed, fed, and educated for four years. University costs vary from $1400 - $4500 per year depending on the course of study. By educating a villager you are not only protecting them from the ravages of the cycle of poverty, child soldiers, glue sniffing and other drug problems,  you are also helping them change their lives, their village, and their country.


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