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Brigs Youth Sail Training


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An unforgettable opportunity for youth to build leadership, character, self-confidence, and experience the adventure of life at sea.

Brigs Youth Sail Training


Our Mission

Brigs is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to building character in youth through sail training. This is accomplished through the peer-to-peer delivery of challenging programs aboard our traditionally-rigged vessel.  Focused on safety and the creation of positive and memorable experiences for trainees, Brigs endeavours to foster learning and the development of practical skills, the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices, and an appreciation of the rich marine heritage of the Great Lakes.

About Brigs

We offer unique sail-training adventures for teens aged 12-18, delivered aboard our Tall Ship, the TS Playfair.

Youth who have a strong affinity for our program continue on in the winter session to gain further training, skills, and certification, working towards promotion into the officer core. These youth officers are then responsible for training the next group of youth who join us on board for the regular summer programming the following year.

This unique youth-to-youth chain of command helps our teens develop strong leadership skills while maintaining a level of professionalism and responsibility that is rarely earned at such a young age. This program builds character and develops leaders of tomorrow.


208 Hillyard St

2nd Floor

Hamilton, ON, L8L 6B6

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