Business Number: 889198727RR0001

Toronto Cat Rescue is a registered, no-kill charity run by volunteers.

Our mission is to rescue and find homes for abandoned, sick or injured cats from situations of abuse, neglect or imminent euthanasia.

Our vision is for Toronto to be a city in which no adoptable cat is killed and rescue organizations such as Toronto Cat Rescue are no longer needed.

Toronto Cat Rescue (TCR) is a network of foster homes and volunteers. We are often the last or only hope for a homeless, abandoned, sick or injured cat.

Since 1994, TCR has been helped cats escape situations of abuse, neglect, and euthanasia. There are numerous stray cats in and around Toronto. Through a program of spaying/neutering, fostering and adoption, TCR works to reduce this number in a humane and compassionate manner.

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4229C Dundas St. W.

Toronto, ON , M8X 1Y3

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