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Community Rewards Program Fundraising Drive

Registered Name: Toronto Crime Stoppers Inc.

Business No: 891726978RR0001

Community Rewards Program Fundraising Drive

In January 2020, Toronto Crime Stoppers announced that it was shifting from granting cash rewards to community rewards grants to channel money back into the communities that Toronto Crime Stoppers serves.  Toronto Crime Stoppers believes that a program benefiting the greater good is more suited to the type of individual who comes forward rather than individuals who are motivated by monetary benefit.

Toronto Crime Stoppers' mission remains the same - provide concerned citizens with the ability to report crime anonymously.  The foundation of Toronto Crime Stoppers is our promise of anonymity and that will never change.

The Glendower Beyond Academics Homework Club was the first recipient of a Toronto Crime Stoppers Community Rewards Program.  Your financial support will allow Toronto Crime Stoppers to help other community initiatives or help existing programs expand their services - all with the goal of improving community safety.  

Thank you for helping to improve community safety and empowering a movement for a crime-free Toronto!