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Toronto Humane Society


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Jade's Appeal

Campaign Ended Aug. 31, 2018

Please support Jade in her recovery

Sweet Jade arrived at the Toronto Humane Society earlier this year. It's not hard to see why she desperately needs your help.  

She was found wandering alone in the city. Toronto Animal Services, who have initial responsibility for stray dogs in Toronto, transferred her to the Toronto Veterinary Emergency Hospital (TVEH) as they could see she was very sick and needed urgent care.Jade weighs just 23kg - that's 33lbs under her ideal body weight. Currently, her body condition score is 1/9 - the very worst it can be. 

Jade is suffering from unregulated diabetes, which will need long-term, possibly permanent, medication. Right now, our priority is to get her diabetes under control and help her gain weight safely. Because we don't know her history, we don't know if her emaciated state is due to the diabetes going untreated, or if she's been intentionally starved. 

Without an owner to pay for her veterinary bills, Jade's recovery now depends on us. We stepped in to pay her treatment costs straight away, and Jade has already received intensive treatment while in hospital. She is out of immediate danger and has been placed in a foster home so she can be monitored, given insulin & a special diet.

Jade's vets bills have already cost well over $4,000. Her daily medication, special diet & regular check-up costs will add up on top of that, and we expect her to be in our care for quite some time. She has a long way to go on her recovery journey.

If you can, please donate to Jade's recovery fund today. Every dollar will help us provide exemplary care for her, and all the other animals that come to us in crisis.

Thank you.

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