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Surgery Fund

Almost every week, an animal is brought to our shelter in need of surgery.  Often the animal has been injured, or they are very sick, and the owner is unable to pay for the surgery or associated care costs that come with owning a sick or injured pet.  In these cases, the animal is signed over to us for care.

These surgeries and medical costs can take anywhere from $1,000 - $10,000.  We are lucky to have great relationships with veterinary hospitals across Toronto who give us good discounts due to our charity status, but we still have to foot most of the bill which can be very costly. 

Here are just two examples of animals we have helped so far in 2017:

Estaban needed a new hip!

Estaban needed a total hip replacement due to a serious injury to his pelvis, hip and leg. Due to the complexity of the surgery, Estaban had to wait a long time as a specialist was flying in from the US to carry out his surgery. Estaban has spent the many months with an amazing foster family who continue to provide him with amazing care now that he’s had the operation!

Estaban is now going through rehabilitation to ensure that he is fit and healthy. Of course, the medical bills add up and we simply wouldn’t be able to provide Estaban with this care without your support, as all the care we provide for the animals is 100% funded by donations!

Brownie fell from a balcony!

This little kitty had a terrible fall off an apartment balcony. As you can imagine, she was pretty beat up… her right front leg was fractured, her left paw was broken, her palette was cracked and multiple teeth were broken.

After multiple surgeries and a lot of time recovering in a foster home, Brownie is finally on the mend and ready to find a new home.