Toronto Military Family Resource Centre


Business Number: 877945782RR0001

Our Mission

To provide military families living in the GTA and surrounding regions with effective support and services that meet their unique needs.

About Toronto Military Family Resource Centre

The military community established the Toronto Military Family Resource Centre (Toronto MFRC) in 1992 to foster the unique strength of families within the military. We are a non-profit, volunteer-led and supported organization. In 1999, the Toronto MFRC began offering full-time child care through our Children’s Playgarden child care centre - a much-needed service for both military and civilian families.

The Department of National Defence, through its Military Family Services Program, is the Toronto MFRC’s primary funder. Fees for service and fundraising activities are other sources of revenue. The Centre works in close partnership with the 4th Canadian Division Support Group Commander.

The Toronto MFRC supports military families in six key areas:

Personal development & community integration

Volunteer development and involvement

Deployment support

Support services

Children, youth and parenting support programs

Children’s Playgarden (full-time child care)

What People Are Saying

"I cannot express enough how impressed I was by the staff and accommodation of the Toronto MFRC."

— Program Participant

"As the parents of three special needs children it was so reassuring to have access to the Toronto MFRC summer camps this year. Two of our sons joined the for camp this year and had a blast. The staff were there every step of the way and were fantastic. We will definitely be back again next year."

— Program Participant

"Things are going really well for (my husband) and I; in fact, we both agreed that out of all the marriage courses we have done, this one left us the most fulfilled."

— Program Participant

"This is a place were you can share knowledge and experience with other injured veterans and retired members and thier families. You feel this is your second home."

— Program Participant

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