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Toronto Tabla Ensemble Chamber Orchestra


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Toronto Tabla Ensemble Chamber Orchestra

The Toronto Tabla Ensemble (TTE) invites donors and sponsors to support a groundbreaking music project that will blend the intricate rhythms of Indian classical music with the harmonic depth of Western classical music. This unique collaboration aims to create, record, and perform new compositions that highlight the beauty and versatility of both art forms. The project will also include a documentary film, offering an in-depth look at the creative process and cultural exchange involved. 

Under the visionary leadership of Ritesh Das, TTE's artistic director and an acclaimed tabla virtuoso, the Ensemble has a history of successful cross-genre collaborations, including a Juno-nominated album. This ambitious endeavor promises to push the boundaries of musical innovation and cultural fusion, providing an unparalleled experience for both artists and audiences.

Sponsors will play a vital role in enabling TTE to achieve unprecedented synergy between Indian and Western classical music, featuring a chamber orchestra and a full arrangement of Indian classical instrumentalists. By supporting this project, sponsors will facilitate a unique cultural exchange, where ensemble members and orchestra musicians will learn from each other's musical traditions and set a new standard for intercultural artistic collaboration.