Tostan Canada

Registered Name: Tostan Canada

Business Number: 840151807RR0001

About Tostan

Tostan is a global leader in community development and social transformation.  Our mission is to empower African communities to bring about sustainable development and positive social transformation based on respect for human rights.

 For the past 27 years Tostan has been transforming lives in Africa. Our human-rights based education program leads to community-wide behaviour change in the areas of education, health, environment, governance, and economic growth, as well as in cross-cutting issues such as female genital cutting, child protection, early childhood development, and empowerment of women and girls.

Since we began, our human-rights based education program has impacted more than five million people across eight African countries. Our model of investing in girls, women and communities has been tested and refined and is seeing remarkable, lasting results. It works.

Tostan Canada

Tostan Canada is a Canadian-registered charity that exists to raise funds and awareness for Tostan’s programs in Africa. We are entirely powered by volunteers. One hundred percent of dollars raised in Canada go directly to programs in Africa.

How you can help

Momentum is building across West Africa for a brighter future for girls and their communities. Girls are now growing up in communities where they have positive female role models, can stay in school, can live a life free from violence and work towards a future filled with knowledge, choice, and opportunity. But there are so many more girls that have yet to be part of this movement. 

Your donation will help Tostan reach more women and girls in more communities in West Africa and to train more NGOs around the world to make human dignity a reality for all.

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What People Are Saying

"When the history of African development is written, it will be clear that a turning point involved empowering women. Tostan demonstrates that empowerment is contagious. They are writing a story of inspiration, hard work, grassroots participation, tangible results, and a much brighter future. "

— Dr. William Foege, Senior Fellow, Gates Foundation

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