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Registered Name: TRENT RADIO

Business Number: 119268910RR0001

Community Radio Marathon & Fundraiser

Campaign Ended April 15, 2019

Established and operated by the students of Trent University, Trent Radio is designed with the production of exceptional radio in mind. Its aims and objectives include producer oriented programming and broad community participation for the production of creative local radio. Trent Radio's programmers are by definition amateurs - and include producers from both the Trent and Peterborough Communities.

Each year Trent Students pay a membership (Levy) fee to support the annual operations and activities broadcast through Trent Radio’s facilities. Community Members and Organisations pay an annual membership fee to support and participate in the production of creative local radio. Locally owned and operated businesses can become Sponsors of Trent Radio.

Trent Radio also relies on generous community support through donations and sponsorships to maintain our physical space at Trent Radio House, and to keep the airwaves open for volunteer Programmers.

Your financial contribution will help us provide over 200 volunteers annually with the resources for creating and producing radio programmes. This includes administrative and technical training, on-site support, regular workshop opportunities, access to state-of-the-art audio production facilities, and community collaboration events.

Trent Radio welcomes participation from every community member to get involved as a volunteer and to discover the Power & Potential of Radio.

It will also help us support local event organisers, service organisations and community groups by promoting their events and services on-air.

Call 705 741 4011 to talk to a Trent Radio volunteer about how to make a donation in person or by mail.

Visit Trent Radio House, 715 George St North between 10am & 5pm to talk to a volunteer about how you can support Trent Radio and learn more about the organisation

Or email with general inquiries.

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