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Trinity Square Café


At Trinity Square Café, we assist adults who are living with mental illness by providing a welcoming community volunteer workplace where participants can engage in meaningful volunteer work through employability skills development along with interpersonal, communication and community building skills.

How Your Donation Helps

Many of our program and operating costs, including groceries and staff salaries, are covered by café sales and funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care.

Your donation will help us continue to meet health and safety standards by maintaining and upgrading equipment in the Café. This need has increased during the pandemic as we plan for an eventual re-opening, which will require investment in retrofitting the facilities to be in line with public health measures and maintaining a stock of PPE. Donations will also support the continuation of critical virtual programming.  

All donations are eligible for all charitable receipts . Thank you for your support! 

Who We Are 

Community, volunteer work and respect are the cornerstones of recovery at Trinity Square Café. We believe that people living with mental health conditions can positively contribute to their communities. Trinity Square Caféprovides a volunteer work orientation and training program in a cafe located in downtown Toronto that is open to the general public for lunch on weekdays.

Our mission is to facilitate active social participation and concrete skills development for people living with mental illness. Trinity Square Café’s program model allows us to serve as a transition space for many people who are rebuilding their lives after hospitalization or other consequences of a mental health diagnosis. While we do not provide clinical services, our staff liaise where necessary with clients’ clinical teams and support workers. 

Our programs are currently operating virtually due to the ongoing pandemic. Staff continue to work with clients on skills development, and to ensure they can stay connected and receive support during this time.

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