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New Building Fundraiser

Registered Name: Truro Alliance Church of The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada

Business No: 894945633RR0077

New Building Fundraiser

Truro Alliance Church lives in the "hub" of Nova Scotia.  More than fifty years ago, the church building came to be in a residential neighborhood with little to no visibility.  With the ability to seat 100 people or 80 people comfortably attendance would fluctuate, filling the church to 80% or more quite often.  Functioning with a new building needed, but a large financial load daunting for a congregation this size, we were stuck.  The size of the building not able to support higher attendance and the attendance unable to carry the financial load alone, is a situation only a big God can solve. 

With attendance comfort and visibility in mind, the leadership set out to find a new church location.  Securing new property on a high point overlooking the highway was a victory.  While waiting for the old building to sell the mortgage on the new property decreased and zeroed out.  Finally, after years of waiting the old building sold.  Still the finances in hand are not huge.  In an effort to make the Alliance presence known, God’s provision is an obvious need. 

Please help the Christian and Missionary Alliance presence grow in the Maritime’s.  A new generation is growing up and we want to do our part to be the light on a hill, pointing to Christ.  Your donations can make a difference as we endeavor to build and minister in Truro, Nova Scotia.