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Mission and Vision of the TRRS

“Towards a Healthy, Diverse and Productive Tsolum River”

• Promote sustainable stewardship of the Tsolum River Watershed

• Protect the Tsolum River from activities that may damage the health of the Tsolum River Ecosystem

• Restore and/or mitigate for lost or damaged habitat

• Achieve minimum flows that support aquatic species in all life stages

• Protect the meander corridor of the Tsolum River and its tributaries

• Where possible stabilize meander to protect existing infrastructure

• Enhance stocks when possible but only until populations build to self-sustaining levels or to provide nutrients as required

• Monitor and maintain dissolved copper concentrations in the Tsolum River watershed from below 7 ug/L to a maximum of 11ug/L

The Tsolum River Sustainability Charter

The Tsolum River Watershed is a fresh water ecological system; a vibrant, sustainable amenity providing an optimistic future for urban and rural quality of life.

Our watershed connects us to the planet we live on; it is where the ocean, river and land interconnects from the most upstream mountainous sources through all land, water and air interactions and all wild and human interactions to and from the estuary and ocean.

The Tsolum River Restoration Society is the steward of a natural resource. We hold that the ecosystem is both sacred and property of the commons. It is ours to cherish, restore and maintain forever.

The Tsolum River Restoration Society is a not for profit, charitable organization run by a volunteer Board of Directors with minimal staff leading an enormous community undertaking.


The Tsolum River Restoration Society was formed in September 1998. Since that time we have developed an effective rapport with our community and all the agencies that are involved in our watershed. We have instituted a hatchery program for pink salmon, completed stock and habitat assessments, seen the completion of some 20 or more restoration projects and developed community outreach and landowner contact programs that have helped those living along the river understand how to better help the ecosystem.

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