Turning Leaf Community Support Services Inc


Business Number: 857320774RR0001

To suffer is hard. To suffer alone is unthinkable. And yet, those with mental health challenges are often rendered powerless to affect their own lives, trapped in a world that not only ignores them but actively stigmatizes their condition.

It doesn't have to be this way. Everyone deserves a chance to lead a fulfilling life surrounded by people who care about them.

Turning Leaf works around the clock to ensure the most vulnerable receive uniquely tailored and effective support services to assist them with their specific need and risk.

Without hesitation, we meet these hurting people where they are when no one else will. Our support is unconditional. We are that single source that offers a variety of high-impact services to high- and low-risk participants.

Whether it’s crisis intervention of those struggling with mental illness, conflict with the law, homelessness or the activities of daily living, our team is ready and prepared to offer what you may need whenever you need it. We surround these marginalized individuals with a community to help empower a process of change—from hungry to fed, from hopeless to hopeful, from hurt to healed.

Unconditional Acceptance. Empowering Change.

Unfortunately, this is not something we can do alone, and mental illness and its associated stigmas is not something that is going away. This requires everyone’s involvement. Help someone turn a new leaf.

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