Registered Name: Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge Society

Business Number: 822309001RR0001

Our Mission

To provide a permanent home for neglected, abused and unwanted donkeys.

About Our Charity

The Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge's Mission is to provide a safe, secure and permanent home for abused, neglected and unwanted donkeys. The Refuge is a permanent home for all donkeys who arrive at our gate. Our second focus is to provide an enjoyable education to youth and adults about Animal Welfare in general and donkeys in the specific.  We also provide a venue for Private tours for all special needs adults, children and seniors in our community. The tours provide our special visitors with an opportunity to connect with the donkeys and enjoy the healing characteristics of a Donkey Hug in a quiet farm atmosphere. Donkeys love people and enjoy the attention of the visitors as much as the people enjoy the benefits of the Donkey Magic.

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7877 Skimikin Road

Chase, BC , V0E 1M1


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