TSA - Music for the Future

Registered Name: Tusarnaarniq Sivumut Association - Music For The Future

Business Number: 808894620RR0001

On a volunteer and non-profit basis, TSA seeks to promote music among youth in the North in order to increase self-esteem, teamwork, leadership, and a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Music for the Future is heading into the 11th year of presenting music workshops (fiddle and guitar) to youth in Nunavut, led by qualified music instructors. We are a small, volunteer-run charitable organization, delivering quality music education. What began as an after-school music program for disengaged and bored youth, has now grown into a program that brings joy and meaning into the lives of Nunavut youth. Our program is built on a foundation of relationship - not only do our students learn to play music, many of them develop leadership skills, build self-esteem and the workshops have a positive impact on their mental health as well, improving their lives significantly.

Our program aims not only to provide Inuit youth with music instruction (especially in communities where music programs don't exist), as a positive, creative outlet, but our program continues to deliver valuable skills that translate into increased self-worth, joy, positive engagement with others, increased confidence and positive mental health.

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