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About This Charity

Our Mission

The Tweed Public Library is a community organization governed by the Public Libraries Act, 1990, and amendments to the Act contained in the Government Efficiency Act, 2002. The library collects, organizes, preserves, and disseminates materials which reflect the community's needs. The function of the library is to provide impartial access to information, ideas, literature, and other aspects of culture in a form and at an intellectual level appropriate to each individual's needs.

The operation of the library service encompasses the following responsibilities and functions:

To serve the community as a centre for reliable information;

To provide opportunity and encouragement for further education;

To collect, preserve, and administer print and non-print materials of an educational, cultural, and recreational nature based on the needs and interests of the community.

The library will endeavour to identify and assess the long-term and short-term needs of the community and establish priorities for the allocation of resources to meet those needs.