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How We Thrive 2019

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How We Thrive 2019

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How We Thrive 2019 doesn’t fit neatly into any one box. It’s longer and more in-depth than a conference. It’s a gathering of peers coming together to learn from each other. Yet there are also artists, speakers and streams led by experienced facilitators. Thrive offers practical tools, tips and resources, and it is also a place for creative exploration, big ideas and provocative questions. Thrive is a place where we each see our work within a bigger context. It is a space that we create and evolve together.

Help us to create this space by making a donation to the How We Thrive fund at Twelve Canada.

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We are a network of people and partners who are passionate about our communities and concerned about the future. We believe it is time to rethink and re-create systems that define our communities, economies and way of life. Much of what we need is already here.

THRIVE creates opportunities for change-makers to gather, connect, learn, stretch, grow, and align our efforts more. The goal is to thrive—not just survive—as we co-create communities and systems that serve us all, now and into the future. 

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We support groups of people creating participatory change. We are thrilled to be helping How We Thrive to gather the funds needed to carry out How We Thrive 2019. We believe that this gathering will directly impact people, young and old, who pursue the work of participatory community development.

Please make a donation to the How We Thrive fund and if you're willing, make a contribution to our General fund to help us support more groups like How We Thrive.