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The Twice Upon a Time 2019 annual Development Appeal Campaign is Joie de livre! French Books for Ottawa's Kids (fund #1). This is our major project for building capacity to meet the urgent demand for French language materials. As of August we have raised more than $3,000. We have capped off our two year Indigenous Materials Project (fund #2). Thanks for the generosity of donors, we have raised more than $2,000 allowing us to purchase more than 200 books featuring Indigenous authors, illustrators and/or content. This fund remains open (Fund #2)

Twice Upon a Time: free books for Ottawa's kids, is a volunteer run organization that provides free books for children from birth to twelve years old. Our mission is to support early literacy skills and foster a love of reading through book ownership by making books available in the home. Children who visit any of our locations can choose a book for themselves to keep for free, each time they visit.  Our books are received through donations and purchases, and are carefully sorted to ensure that the books we give to children are in new or near-new condition. Twice Upon a Time was founded in 2014 by a diverse group of volunteers who are passionate about early literacy and books. 

By making a financial donation to Twice Upon a Time, donors ensure that more books are inscribed by their new proud owners, and are read in the homes of some of the most vulnerable children in Ottawa. 

Twice Upon a Time volunteers visit the following community organizations on a regular basis.  Children and parents served by these organizations can select free books to keep each time our volunteers visit.

We have also distributed children’s books to families through the Vanier Children’s Services, the Children’s Aid Society and Habitat for Humanity.

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What People Are Saying

"At our Boys and Girls Club bookstore, an Indigenous girl, age 7, whose family is from the north, found a book with an inukshuk on the cover and declared "This book is about my country". "

— Laura May, Twice Upon A Time, Volunteer and Member

"Your program is simply amazing... thank you so much for what you are doing for our members.. we only wish we could see you at our other locations. Thank you so much from our staff and our communities. "

— Adam Joiner, Director of Programs Boys and Girls Clubs of Ottawa | Rep

"A regular reader, a girl aged 10, came across the book "I Am Not A Number" by Jenny Kay Dupuis. She picked it up and said "I read this book! It's so important." (based on true story of a First Nations girl sent to residential school). She then found 4 of her friends and read the story to them. "

— Laura May, Twice Upon A Time, Volunteer and Member

" Imagine growing up without books. That is the experience of thousands of children in Ottawa whose parents cannot afford to buy books. Without a reliable supply of books in the home, bedtime stories don’t happen. And kids who are not read to at home struggle in school. "

— Leslie Toope, Twice Upon a Time Volunteer

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