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The Ukrainian Youth Association (UYA), or commonly known as CYM, is an international, voluntary, non-profit youth organization with branches across Canada. The membership is comprised primarily of youth between the ages of 5 and 18 although there is a role for individuals of all ages interested in furthering the objectives of the Association.

The Association encourages Ukrainian children and youth to discover their Ukrainian heritage by promoting Ukrainian language traditions and cultural activities. The multi-faceted program includes weekly membership meetings, excursions and trips, athletic programs, summer and winter camps. These activities all emphasize the development of Christian ethics, good character and leadership skills.

The purpose of the Association is:

  1. to organize social, cultural, religious, spiritual and educational programs for Ukrainian youth in Canada and to facilitate the integration of recent immigrants into Canadian society;
  2. to promote and foster Christian values and Ukrainian cultural heritage among its members, and to sponsor plays, concerts and other traditional performances;
  3. to organize summer camps, day camps and travel for its members; and to promote sport and physical fitness among its members;
  4. to publish and print pamphlets, books, newspapers or other periodicals related to the Association’s stated purpose; and
  5. to consult and coordinate with other associations and persons in having similar purposes or principles or whose co-operation may be beneficial to the Association and its purpose;

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