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Become a Culture Champion

Become a Culture Champion: Join the Ukrainian Museum of Canada’s Monthly Giving Program!

As proud supporters of the Ukrainian Museum of Canada, our members understand the incredible role played by Ukrainian cultural institutions in sustaining our community. We are grateful for the hundreds of contributions we receive from members each year. Now, we invite you to take your support one step further, by joining the Museum’s Monthly Giving Program.

Your sustained support can magnify our mission to ensure that the diversity, richness, and impact of the culture, history, and heritage of Ukrainian people in Canada, Ukraine, and around the globe are valued, understood, and celebrated. This is a mission firmly rooted in the values of our founders, the Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada. 

By donating just $10 a month, you will help us achieve the following: 

1. Fueling Cultural Preservation and Education:

The Ukrainian Museum of Canada serves as a bridge between generations, connecting the rich tapestry of Ukrainian history, art, and culture with present and future generations. By joining our Monthly Giving Program, you ensure a consistent and reliable source of funding that allows us to continue preserving artifacts, hosting educational workshops, and curating engaging exhibitions. Your commitment will enable us to offer more programs for students, families, and the public, nurturing a deep appreciation for Ukrainian history and culture.

2. Amplifying Outreach and Community Engagement:

Your monthly contributions act as a catalyst for community involvement and outreach. With dependable funding, we can expand our efforts to collaborate with local schools, other Ukrainian museums and archives across North America and in Ukraine, and other ethnocultural organizations. This synergy enhances the reach of our exhibitions and educational initiatives, fostering a greater sense of unity and understanding among diverse communities.

3. Empowering Future Growth:

Consistent support has a profound impact on our long-term plans. Monthly contributions provide a stable foundation upon which we can build strategic initiatives, including upkeeping and improving our facilities, digitizing collections for wider accessibility, and developing innovative programs that reflect the evolving interests of our increasingly diverse membership. Your commitment ensures that our museum remains a dynamic and relevant institution for years to come.

4. Convenience and Impact:

Enrolling in our Culture Champions Monthly Giving Program is not only a gesture of dedication but also a convenient way to contribute. By spreading your donation across the year, you can make a substantial impact without straining your budget. Plus, you’ll experience the joy of knowing that you’re playing an integral role in preserving and promoting Ukrainian heritage, culture, and values.~


As Ukrainian culture is under attach in our homeland, your unwavering support ensures that the Ukrainian Museum of Canada remains a beacon of hope – preserving memories and legacies while pointing toward the future.

Thank you for your commitment to the Ukrainian Museum of Canada. Gifts at every level make a difference.