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Giving Tuesday


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Giving Tuesday

This Giving Tuesday donate to help refugees and displaced people fight hunger.

Refugees and displaced families across the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia) are caught in a hunger crisis, and the dire situation in the region isn't letting up. We need your support to keep reaching refugees and displaced families in need.

We've all felt the impacts of rising costs of living and supply chain issues caused by the global economic downturn and the shockwaves of the war in Ukraine. But it is being felt in full force across the Horn of Africa, depleting food supply and causing food prices to rise month on month. Conflict, drought, and climate change have also made food insecurity worse across the region, and families are being forced to flee.

Cash assistance offers a useful solution to this complex situation.  By providing people with direct cash support, they can buy the food and essentials they urgently need.

  • $95 can help support a family with cash for a month so they can buy the food they need.
  • 190 can help support 2 families with cash for a month to buy the food they need.
  • $285 can help support 3 families with cash for a month to buy the food they need.

This Giving Tuesday help us raise $150,000 to provide urgent cash assistance to 1,579 families across Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. Your gift can help provide direct cash support to a family in need – allowing them to buy the food they so urgently need.