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What if there was NO United Nations?

60 million displaced persons... Food scarcity…. Climate Change… Terrorism... Nationalism and populism… Threats of war, including nuclear… Economic uncertainty for our children…

Every day we read words like these in the headlines of our newspapers.  We hear the stories on the evening news and they often dominate our own political discussions.   

Stories from Syria where more than half its population has been displaced and where President Bashar al-Assad, with the support of Russia, has used chemical weapons and an estimated 16,000 barrel-bombs on civilian populations. 

Stories from South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Nigeria where climate change, poverty, inequalities and conflict have left 20 million people facing devastating levels of hunger.

Meanwhile two unpredictable world leaders seem to be playing with the future of humanity with nuclear weapons.  Like you, I find it hard not be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of distressing news.  But thankfully, there is hope!

Many of the problems we face are preventable if the international community takes action.

That’s why I’m so very grateful for your support.  With caring supporters like you setting the best example possible, Canada is positioned to lead the way  to a brighter future. 

Canadians, through the United Nations Association in Canada, are taking action, one step at a time, one refugee at a time, one contribution at a time towards a better world.

We have opened our borders and our hearts to Syrian, Vietnamese, Somalian, and other generations of refugees looking for new hope.  We’ve opened our wallets to support the World Food Programme, the World Heath Organisation, the UN High Commission for Refugees, and other UN agencies that provide life-saving food, water, medicine and shelter around the world.

You have so much to be proud of as a supporter of UNA-Canada.  And today, I hope I can count on you for a gift.  For a world in crisis the need for a strong United Nations has never been greater.  And neither has the need for your generosity!

Your gift today will help us support Canada in making the right choices to further the interests of peace, human rights and security around the world.

As we see on the news and read in the headlines every day, the costs of failing to invest in human rights are evident and staggering.  Millions of people around the world have been displaced.  Millions of others are living in heartbreaking poverty or gut-wrenching fear.

Global challenges need global solutions. And the only international organisation that can bring people together to address these challenges is the UN.