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Adopt a Crop to Feed Food Insecure Community Members


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Adopt a Crop to Feed Food Insecure Community Members

Help feed families by Adopting a Crop and supporting Edwin Binney's Community Farm & Education Centre. The Farm is a food security initiative that grows and harvests food using sustainable methods. All produce is donated to community food programs, shelters, food banks, etc. Additionally, educational programming is run at The Farm for school groups, camps, and youth centres to teach about growing food, reducing food waste and understanding the local ecology. 

Adopting a Crop ensures we can continue with the maintenance and growth of that crop throughout the season to produce the highest yield and therefore feed as many individuals and families as we can. 

There are five sponsorship levels:

Harvest Sponsor: $5,000 

Adoption opportunities: Fruit Orchard or Cabbage Patch

Cultivator Sponsor: $2,500

Adoption opportunities: Beet Rows or Tomato Vines

Planter Sponsor: $1,000

Adoption opportunities: Bean Rows or Cauliflower Patch

Seedling Sponsor: $500

Adoption opportunities: Broccoli Patch, Corn Field, Cucumber Vines, Pepper Rows, Potato Field, Squash Patch, Strawberry Patch, Zucchini Plants, or Watermelon Patch

Seed Level Sponsor: $250

Adoption opportunities: Asparagus Field, Celery Beds, Cantaloupe Patch, Garlic Rows, Leek Rows, Lettuce Beds, Pea Plants, Pumpkin Patch, Onion Rows, or Spinach Beds

*You can select the crop you are interested to adopt and note that in the donation.

*All crop sponsorship values are based on the amount we grow and the market price of what they would sell for. It also accounts for the resources required to maintain the crop all season long.