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COVID-19 Community Response Fund

In the face of this health crisis, we are proud to see amazing acts of kindness taking place across Oxford County. This is a community that has come together. Neighbours helping neighbours with porch drop offs of essential needs, families posting positive messages in windows and on sidewalks, people reaching out to check in on one another - this is Local Love. We are also witnessing creative and adaptive measures by service provider’s staff and volunteers as they work hard to ensure support remains available and accessible for those in need.

During this time, United Way Oxford is working with our partner agencies as well as others who are on the ground, supporting the ever-evolving, immediate needs of our community. We know that in Oxford, many people could not, and cannot, afford to adequately prepare for how COVID-19 is affecting their family. Those who already face barriers – things like food insecurity, poverty, homelessness and social isolation – need even more support during this time.

In response to the COVID-19 Outbreak, United Way Oxford has created a COVID-19 Community Response Fund. With the support of local agencies and services, we are working to support efforts that help to serve some of the most vulnerable in our community. We will work with key partners, including health authorities, community organizations and front-line agencies by investing to support the communities we serve in this time of great need. It is our role to aid in the ongoing support of our community, and to ensure that the vulnerable populations are not left behind. In addition to ensuring financial support is available as agencies adapt, United Way is lending resources to support efforts and on-going communications. United Way is uniquely positioned to quickly target funds through existing channels and ensure that there is agility to help meet the needs today, as well as adapt as those needs may change tomorrow. Our strong community relations help us stay connected to those needs.

If you can, we ask you to please consider supporting United Way Oxford’s COVID-19 Community Response Fund. All funds will remain in Oxford to help us to connect, coordinate, and assist front line agencies as they strive to meet the increasing demands in our community during this crisis and prepare for better days ahead.

We will focus investments on:

• Basic needs – ensuring people have access to life’s essentials, such as food

• Capacity for community services – so community partners can deliver vital local work

• Mental health supports– enabling access to counselling, peer supports and system navigation services that benefit us all For more information please visit our website at www.unitedwayoxford.ca. Thank you for Showing Your Local Love. We will get through this, together.