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Helping People Move from Poverty to Possibility


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Helping People Move from Poverty to Possibility

Why focus on poverty?

1 in 10 Oxford County residents are living on low income.

United Way Oxford is helping to meet the basic needs of our community’s most vulnerable people, giving them the opportunity to build a better future.

Through our community conversations, citizens told us that having a limited income means making difficult choices every day. People who are financially stable, aren’t worried about their next meal, paying their rent, or buying a coat for their kids. But for those living on a low income, these worries follow them around on a daily basis. For people living in poverty, opportunities to build a good life—including access to meaningful social networks, good jobs, and affordable housing—aren’t available. Poverty touches every aspect of people’s lives—from food, shelter, and employment to mental and physical well-being. We are seeing these needs grow in our community, as a result of the increased cost of living, soaring interest rates, and the housing crisis.

This is why United Way works with our funded partners to ensure people have access to food, shelter, employment opportunities, and a chance to stabilize their income—affording them opportunities and the support they need to build a better life and have hope for the future.

Last year, because of you:

192 people facing homelessness were provided with housing supports.

1,304 students received support to purchase back to school supplies.

1,435 boxes of menstrual hygiene products were donated to individuals in need.