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Mental Health and Addictions


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Mental Health and Addictions

Mental Health and Addictions – AREA OF ACTION


For Tiffani, mental health challenges have profoundly impacted all of her relationships. When she was formally diagnosed with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder, it provided clarity and helped Tiffani understand what was happening with her body and brain. However, it took a United Way-funded mental health support program to provide Tiffani with the tools to get her life back on track and be the mom she wanted to be for her children.• Approximately 50% of Vancouver Islanders reported worsening mental health due to the effects of COVID.

So many of us struggle with our mental health, but it can be hard to talk about it with family, friends, or coworkers. Too often stigma gets in the way of asking for the help we need. The demand for mental health services has doubled since COVID entered our lives. The need for counselling, outreach, and peer support services will only continue to grow as we cope with the lingering effects of the pandemic.

United Way's Mental Health and Addictions area of action will help fill the gaps in services because we believe no person should have to wait for help in a time of crisis. By raising funds for this sector, our valuable frontline agencies can focus on meeting the increased demand for services and reducing barriers for people seeking mental health support.

“Not all hearts are red. Some are black and blue but can be made better because of people like YOU.”

Nobody should have to wait for help in a time of crisis. Your gift will:

$100/month = $1,200/ year

Provide 24 at-risk youth with online mental and emotional health support.

$50/month = $600/year

Provide 2 ten-week counselling series for an individual struggling through a mental health crisis.

$20/month = $250/year

Provide an individual struggling with a mental health challenge 20 hours of peer support and a personalized mental health crisis plan.

Show your local love and support mental wellness in our community. Donate today!