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Donors like you have made our Foundation a success

The University Hospitals Kingston Foundation was created in 2005 as the joint fundraising arm of Kingston Health Science Centre (Hotel Dieu Hospital and Kingston General Hospital) and Providence Care.

Our Vision

Exceptional health care made made possible by fully engaged, generous people and communities.

Our Mission

Inspiring generosity for the health of our families, our region and beyond.

Our Values:

In our work together, we will demonstrate that we value:

  • Generosity
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Empathy
  • Resourcefulness

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What People Are Saying

"Supporting our hospitals is just common sense. As I get older, I'm using the hospitals. They help me. so I help them. I give because it makes me happy to give You get a lot of satisfaction if you help people."

— Jack Keyes, donor, Read More

"I want the hospitals to be there when people need them. We have a shining star here, and it needs to keep shining."

— Eleanor Bannister, donor, Read More

"I give to our local hospitals because they were there when I needed them most. It is through generosity that we all benefit from high quality care, right here in Kingston. Because of support provided to the hospitals by others in the past, I am here today and I can continue to contribute."

— Spencer Hope, donor and volunteer, Read More

"I donate in memory of my late wife. My wife was diagnosed with cancer. She received wonderful care, compassionate care, but it was clear through the whole treatment period that the facilities needed a serious upgrade. And I'm very happy to see this has been achieved."

— Bob Thomas, donor, Read More

"Without those dollars, our educator wouldn't be able to run a course that has allowed not just our nurses, but anyone wanting to know how to work with and empathize with palliative care patients - it's completely funded because of donation dollars."

— Marie-Jo Cleghorn, RN

"We are proud to support the redevelopment of Kingston hospitals, and that so many of our clubs in District A3 pulled together to raise these funds. It is empowering to see how our donations are resulting in better care today for residents from across southeastern Ontario."

— Lion Mary Ann Smith, 1st Vice District Governor, Read More

"I decided to collect donations instead of gifts because my birthday is so close to Christmas. I really like Terry Fox a lot and all he did, so I'm giving the money to help fight cancer."

— Keegan Vallier, donor, Read More

"Thank you to donors. It's because of you that we can carry on and we can continue to do our work that is important, that needs to be done, to develop new treatments, new understandings and better patient care."

— Dr Anne Ellis, research doctor, Read More

"Providence Manor looks after our seniors and provides them with a quality of life where they really feel at home and people treat them as if they are one of the family. I feel this is a valued place to give my donation. It is about enriching the quality of life for residents."

— Mary Pat Byrne, donor, Read More

"We are fortunate to have access to the wonderful care that we do. So now I feel that is it my turn to repay them. The biggest benefit of giving is that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you donate and you know that you are helping somebody else."

— Marion Smith, donor, Read More

"I choose to say thank you every month by donating to the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation. These hospitals need the capacity to purchase the best in technology to offer expert compassionate care to our loved ones. Since my family and close friends have so benefited, I want to give back."

— Ellen Bater, donor, Read More

"My family have had to utilize a variety of services across all three hospitals. Giving back to the hospitals by way of donation is one way of saying 'thank you' for the excellent care my family has received over the years."

— Michele Bonutti, donor, Read More

"I make a monthly gift because I know our hospitals need our support to buy needed equipment that patients need every day. I have purchased property insurance on a monthly basis but, an equal amount given to the hospitals adds up over time, and I have already made several claims on their services."

— Ian Wilson, donor and volunteer, Read More

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