Unwrap Theatre

Registered Name: Unwrap Theatre

Business Number: 703497289RR0001

Unwrap Theatre is the Waterloo Region’s newest professional not-for-profit theatre company.  Our mission is to help build and bring together the community by reclaiming theatre as a centre for civilization, much like the library or museum.

We aim to foster the region’s artistic community by providing a place where established professionals and community members can work together and learn from each other. It is our goal to diversify the awareness, and therefore enjoyment, of our audiences, making for a richer and more vibrant community.  

It is our vision to cultivate a vibrant theatrical life in the Waterloo Region by:

  • Presenting thought-provoking contemporary performances of a high caliber.
  • Incubating new Canadian work; giving artists the resources they need to achieve true excellence.
  • Creating a rich theatrical appreciation amongst all members of our community through regular initiatives of activism.

For many of us, theatre is something we don’t yet know we love!  Thankfully, the artistic minds, listeners, and voices are already here, and it is time to let them shine!

What People Are Saying

"As something of an "elder statesman" on the regional theater scene, I am excited to see amazingly talented young theater practitioners interested in flying the aircraft here in KW."

— Audience Member

"A very professional environment has been created. From the website and social media presence to a very intimate and welcoming space, all of the details have been taken into account. Well done!"

— Audience Member

"An engaging story that taps into the angst and confusion experienced by the 20-something generation around relationships, the conflict between wanting stability and permanence and not fully being able to believe such things are possible in today's world."

— Audience Member

"An impressive piece of work from a young writer. It moved from playful and witty to intense and thought-provoking. The dialogue was quick and easy and such chemistry was created between the two leads. By the end, we were so invested in these characters that the conclusion was all the more shocking."

— Audience Member

"It was a very provocative piece and it gave cause for Anne and I to discuss it at length afterwards. Kudos to Alten and crew for a very professional production."

— Audience Member

"Loved it! I went on a journey of emotions and totally lost myself in it. Great experience! Talent performers and unique choreography."

— Audience Member

"Very impressed. Organized and friendly atmosphere. Looking forward to future performances!"

— Audience Member

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