Urban Abbey

Registered Name: Urban Abbey

Business Number: 819430596RR0001

Isolation Shelter Fund

Urban Abbey is partnering with the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre (Regional Hospital), St Joseph’s Care Group mobile nursing team - GAPPS & The District Health Unit to provide isolation sheltering for the City of Thunder Bay. We have formed an Isolation Shelter Sub-Committee responsible for resources, screening, transportation, housing and food for vulnerable members of our City.

We are working together to develop a phase approach to isolation sheltering.


Urban Abbey began this week to provide shelter and daily meals to populations in the City of Thunder Bay who would regularly shelter elsewhere but are most vulnerable to COVID 19 due to other underlying conditions.

St Joseph’s Care Group is providing GAPPS – a mobile nursing team to do daily intake, pre-screening and monitoring of those who will shelter at Urban Abbey.

Funds are needed to assist with:

staffing, utilities, groceries, updated security gear and social connective technology for those in isolation


Urban Abbey's partnership role will be adjusted based on the capacity of other organizations to provide care. As yet, two cases of COVID 19 have been confirmed in the city. Should that figure rise, Urban Abbey will be available as a space for a much broader range of support to medical services in the city.

Funds are needed to add three shower stalls and upgraded laundry facilities to meet needs of those in isolation.