Registered Name: URBAN ACADEMY

Business Number: 866921612RR0001

Our Mission

To empower creative and courageous leadership by delivering exceptional education through the integration of arts, science and technology.

Our Vision

To inspire excellence through innovative, engaging education.


Established in 2001, Urban Academy was born out of a desire to educate students in a way that will allow them to be engaged, motivated and excited about learning.

Our engaging approach to learning helps each student make a deeper connection to subjects like language arts, mathematics, science and social studies by linking them to art, technology and the great outdoors.

We also believe that we need to focus on the growth of the child in their entirety. Our commitment to academic excellence is enhanced by our focus on social, emotional learning and equipping each child to be a successful, interesting, contributor to the world.

Urban Academy’s teachers are the foundation for our continued growth and success. The collaboration they have with one another and genuine interest in the students fostered by small class sizes, allows for a warm and caring, yet challenging environment of learning.

About Our Appeal

This year's Annual Appeal is called 'The Housewarming Appeal' as it will be a significant contributor to furnishing the new school and equipping the facility with the equipment, resources and technology we require for a growing school body.  We believe in the power of our community to make tangible differences in the lives of our students, and we appreciate our community for their commitment to our shared vision at this very exciting time! Thank you for making a difference!

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