The Visual Arts Centre of Clarington


Business Number: 893242669RR0001

The Visual Arts Centre of Clarington (VAC), is a non-collecting, public art gallery located in Bowmanville, within the Municipality of Clarington. For over 40 years, the VAC has been providing the community with quality exhibitions and educational programming. 

We are supported by federal, provincial and municipal funding, corporate and individual donors and by our membership and volunteers.

What People Are Saying

"I used to come to the VAC when I was little. To be part of [the Visual Arts Centre of Clarington] is like bringing my work back home to the people that inspired me, it’s reconnecting with my artistic roots as a working artist. "

— Corynn Kokolakis, Artist

" I love running the events and helping, and just seeing the people come out to it - It's so cool to see it all pay off."

— Autumn Herd, VAC volunteer

"I was drawn to the VAC because of its incredible roots in the community. The VAC is growing in leaps and bounds, and I am so proud to be a part of this incredible development!"

— Stefanie Thompson, board member

"Being part of the [Clarington Outdoor Art Festival] is to be out in the community. It’s an opportunity for those not normally in Toronto or the province. The beautiful setting gives people an intimate space of conversation. "

— Lori Ryerson, Artist

"The VAC has held a special place in my heart since childhood... Now that I have gained some traction in the art world [and moved back to the area], I joined the VAC Board to connect with my community and help inspire the next generation of artists."

— Amy Shackleton, board member

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