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Valley Hospice Summer Shed Campaign


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Valley Hospice Summer Shed Campaign

We’re growing at Valley Hospice and we need a garden/storage shed!

We believe that hospice gardens and the access to nature are essential elements of the holistic care at the Valley Hospice for residents and families.  For this reason we continue to enhance the grounds and patios at the Hospice.  

Please join our virtual campaign to raise funds to add a Garden/Storage Shed to the property at the Valley Hospice.

The addition of a much needed shed will give us the required space to store patio furniture and planters, gardening tools, seasonal items such as Christmas decorations and lights, fundraising event decorations, market tents, hike t-shirts, banners…whew…the list goes on and on. 

Connect – Reflect - Inspire  Join our virtual "Gathering in the Garden"

Valley Hospice was designed to create as many connections with nature and wildlife as possible. Set in a wooded area all of the bedrooms have been designed with a small patios which have a view of the woods and seasonal flora.  Volunteer gardeners are creating gardens and keeping them tended. The residents, families and staff can enjoy the peaceful and serene oasis that has been lovingly created.

We believe that gardens are important to end-of-life care. People who garden recognize it as a therapeutic task which nurtures the spirit. A sense of solace and calm can also affect those who see gardens whether they are physically in the garden or viewing it from indoors. Gardens represent the circle of life, constantly changing in a pattern of birth, death and re-birth. This can be used to prompt meaningful and reflective discussion.