Valley Mastiff Rescue

Registered Name: Valley Mastiff Rescue

Business Number: 840502934RR0001

Our Mission

Guardian's Best 2014 Rescue of the Year Award winner.

We are a dog rescue devoted to the care, rehabilitation, protection and welfare of Dogue de Bordeaux and other mastiff-type dogs.

 We specialize in dogs with medical conditions, terminal and chronic conditions, special needs, long term medical care/surgeries & disabilities.  Dogs are welcomed at our shelter to be rehabilitated, cared for and loved or to have a home to find solace in their last moments. Our goal is to offer compassion and understanding to dogs in need by welcoming them in a safe place where transformation and healing begins.

Our shelter welcomes the homeless, neglected, unwanted, the sick or abused. Many dogs are rescued from shelters or city pounds. We also rehabilitate dogs from puppy mills and breeding facilities. 

Many of the dogs welcomed here have been through unimaginable cruelty and hardship. These dogs require time, individualized care and a loving place of healing to call home. This is who we are.

On many acres of land in a peacefull haven , they recover from their past, get the medical attention they need and are given all the time in the world to heal physically and emotionally. Once they are ready, our goal is adoption & the hope of finding their forever home

About Our Charity 

We are a small group of dedicated people. We care about the dogs. We are about quality, not quantity. We have always promised ourselves to give 100% to each dog in our care, to do any less means we would have failed at our mission.

Our team of dedicated volunteers help us with providing daily care and exercise.  At the heart of Valley Mastiff Rescue dogs are turning their lives around, receiving the medical help they need, and getting love and healing to help them overcome their past and begin a new life. Our dogs are cared for at the rescue and live, learn and love as family members until they are adopted into their forever home. We believe in individualize care and attention for all dogs welcomed.

What People Are Saying

" “Valley Mastiff Rescue” and her team of volunteers showed a level of professionalism that was truly remarkable. the work done by the organization was outstanding. I can attest that “Valley Mastiff Rescue” is one of the most responsible, organized, and compassionate organizations.. "

— Lauren Scott- Humane Society International

" I volunteered when I was 11 years old. I spent over 200 volunteer hours . I would walk the dogs, feed and water them and clean their cages. I would play with them outside and wash their bowls. Georgie died a few days ago; he was such a big sweetheart and he just wanted you to sit with him. "

— Sarah Waddington-12 years old

"...As soon as I saw France I knew she would be like a mom to me and to be honest she is. She’s my mastiff saving mom. I shook France’s hand and gave her my Sydney fund jar. She was very impressed.... she immediately invited me to meet Sydney...."

— Alessa Hickman- 11 years old

"..what has impressed me most are the behavior changes I have seen. From a nervous stressed new resident, to a dog that is eager to please and easy to work with. "

— Dr. Moyra Horner - Veterinarian

"Their mandate is to be able to respond quickly and professionnaly to people with animals in need or distress. I have been very impressed by their focus and energy put towards that goal."

— Dr. Penny Wooton - D.V.M

"we have an incredible slobbery loveavble rescue dog. and the support of this amazing group has made it a wonderful experience . I never thought i would want a rescue dog but he is everything they said he was. and it turns out we needed him as much as he needed us. "

— Lisa Bodden

" ...sage advice, in-depth experience and genuine compassion for dogs and other animals....France was and is nothing short of amazing, and invites you to ask any questions you might have. I am so happy to have a closer association with this rescue - An all around fantastic experience..."

— Linda Red Stewart

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