Valour Canada

Registered Name: Valour Canada

Business Number: 118823780RR0001

Valour Canada

Vision:  Valour Canada is a nationally recognized charitable organization dedicated to connecting Canadians to their military heritage.

Mission:  Valour Canada will create engaging programs to educate Canadians, with a focus on youth, about the importance of Canada’s military history.

Valour Canada is adamant that an understanding of Canada’s military history is a necessity for maintaining a democracy where we, the citizens, send our men and women into harm’s way, for better or worse. It is our responsibility as parents, citizens, and members of the greater community, to ensure that our youth have a deep understanding of our Canadian military history so that they can then think critically and make better-informed decisions about Canada’s current and future role in the world.

What People Are Saying

"I have seen first-hand how (Valour’s programming) opens students’ eyes to a different aspect of citizenship and service to our country, something I cannot create by myself in my classroom."

— T.C. (Teacher) - 2017

"Great experience. Would definitely visit again. All the events were great and helped learn easily."

— D.M. (Student) - 2018

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