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Valour Canada

Vision:  Valour Canada is a nationally recognized charitable organization dedicated to connecting Canadians to their military heritage.

Mission:  Valour Canada will create engaging programmes to educate Canadians, with a focus on youth, about the importance of Canada’s military history.

Abstract: Informed and active citizenship depends on understanding and valuing the contribution of Canada’s military in shaping our country and the world.

In our democracy, ultimately it is our citizens who decide to send our serving men and women into conflict. To do so justifiably demands deep contemplation of what that may mean for our country, how it reflects or fails to reflect our national values, and the impact on those Canadians whom we put in harm’s way, their families and communities.  Examining Canada’s role in armed conflict in the past informs us of the consequences of such commitments, enabling better informed decisions. 

Through examining our military history, we gain an enhanced appreciation for what it means to be a Canadian. We have played an influential role on the global stage in the major conflicts of the 20th and 21st centuries, in part by “punching above our weight” and by fighting with and for the virtues and beliefs that underpin our national character. This should be a source of national pride and must be remembered and upheld as a standard for our nation’s military involvement in the future.

Across Canada, coverage of our military history is inconsistent in provincial school curricula.  The extent to which military history is taught is left largely to the discretion of individual teachers. 

Valour Canada strives to fill the gaps created by discretionary treatment of this foundational element of Canadian history and culture by creating educational resources, tools and programs that educators may easily utilize to meet or exceed curricula requirements while engaging students in meaningful and impactful discussion of the role our military has played and the responsibilities of Canadian citizenship.

Valour Canada provides compelling and heavily researched stories of duty, valour, sacrifice, leadership and loss that empower Canadians in considering the price of their citizenship and the responsibility associated with deciding Canada’s future. These stories inspire the same virtues in every day life and highlight the principles Canada’s men and women have consistently fought for: among them, democracy, freedom, and human rights.

Our end goal is to create better Canadians, and through them, a better Canada.      

What People Are Saying

"...taking my Grade 11 students to Valour’s programming every year because of the impact this experience has on them. .... I have seen first-hand how it opens students’ eyes to a different aspect of citizenship and service to our country, something I cannot create by myself in my classroom."

— Teacher

"I have participated in Valour Canada programing with hundreds of my students .....The quality of the programing offered by Valour Canada has been consistently excellent. ....the programing has also been extraordinarily helpful for meeting program of studies objectives for Social Studies...."

— Teacher

"The Valour Canada High School program.....has given my students the opportunity to interact with military artifacts, research military history as well as contemporary events, think critically, and discuss contemporary issues relating to international relations and the use of military force."

— Teacher

"My students have always given me positive feedback about their experiences with Valour Canada programming .... I strongly recommend Valour Canada as a place to invest dollars in education, research and community ensure that this important educational opportunity survives and grows."

— Teacher

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