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Valour Canada

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Valour Canada Education Program

Campaign Ended June 1, 2018

The Character of our Canadian Military History

Valour Canada focuses on educating Canadians, especially our youth, about our shared military heritage. We do this by developing and providing learning opportunities for youth and for the public, that are designed to foster a deeper understanding of who we are as individuals, citizens, and as a nation. 

The Character of our Canadian Military History covers personal traits such as: cooperation; courage; communication; thoughtfulness; responsibility; resilience.  Individuals who understand these characteristics, while doing their best to practice them, are successful Canadian citizens today.

This education program takes a unique approach to learning about Canadian Military History by embedding the history content within an experiential, innovative, and team-based learning framework that presents students with memorable opportunities to explore the character traits noted above. The day-long, Museum-based program consists of 4 – 6 modules through which students will progress sequentially, as well as an artifact handling session. Debriefing and individual reflection are both cornerstones of the design.

Valour Canada's educational philosophy is described as engaging, meaningful, dynamic, responsive, and transformative, and we continuously work alongside our stakeholders, including students, teachers, and members of the community, in order to integrate these aspects with our programming.

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