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About This Charity

Our Mission

VHS encourages individuals, businesses and government to take responsibility for the welfare and rights of animals affected by human activities.

About Our Charity

The Vancouver Humane Society is an animal charity working locally, provincially and nationally and funded primarily by public donations. We do not operate an animal shelter; rather we work on the underlying problems of animal abuse by exposing animal cruelty to the public and informing individuals how their choices impact animals.

Our primary areas of work are: animals in entertainment (zoos, rodeos, circuses, the film industry, sled dog operations); animals on factory farms (caged egg-laying hens, "broiler" or "meat" chickens, and other intensive confinement systems via our 'Eat Less Meat' project); and companion animals, including spay/neuter and emergency veterinary medical assistance for pet guardians on limited income.

VHS is one of the few animal organizations that encourages vegetarianism, as not eating animals is the most effective way to stop animal suffering.

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