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Giving Tuesday - Happy Herd and VHS

Campaign Ended Dec. 18, 2019

The Vancouver Humane Society (VHS) and the Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary (HHFS) have partnered for Giving Tuesday in an effort to raise $15,000 to help with HHFS’s veterinary expenses and VHS’s programs, including Plant-Based Plates and Donations will be split between both organizations.

VHS and The Happy Herd both work to create a better world for farmed animals. VHS's Go Veg campaign educates and empowers individuals to take action and help address farmed animal suffering in their communities. Through community, event and school outreach, veg leafleting and advertising VHS strives to cultivate compassionate communities.

The Happy Herd provides a forever home for all types of animals rescued from the farming industry. The sanctuary got their start with Desi Moo Moo, a calf rescued from the dairy industry at one week old. His future would have been confinement in a veal crate and slaughter at 3 months. He would never have had the opportunity to eat grass or play with another calf. Thanks to The Happy Herd, Desi’s future is much brighter now that he’s safe and living out life as he should at the sanctuary.

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