Vancouver Independent Music Centre Society

Registered Name: Vancouver Independent Music Centre Society

Business Number: 846498681RR0001

Our Mission

The Vancouver Independent Music Centre Society (VIMCS), a non-profit, charitable society created in July 2011, is a coalition of musicians, music presenters and managers that supports the development of an affordable, accessible, sustainable and culturally diverse music centre in Vancouver. We’ve come a long way over the past three years, and continue to be driven forward by the responses we receive.

Since 2011, musicians, music producers, presenters, sound technicians, artists’ representatives, managers and audience members have participated in the visioning process, identifying their challenges, needs and desires. The clear-cut conclusion is that there is a demand, shared by musicians and their audiences, for an important, affordable, accessible, sustainable and genuinely suitable live music venue in Vancouver’s city centre - and the demand is steadily increasing as Vancouver develops, becomes increasingly expensive, and existing venues are lost.

It’s time for music to find a home in Vancouver.


People. The Vancouver Independent Music Centre (VIM) will attract and delight music lovers from across the Lower Mainland and around the world. Audiences and musicians will tap the incredible musical wealth of our city, revelling in dynamic programming across the spectrum of jazz, folk, world, traditional and classical chamber music.

Performance. VIM will create standout experiences for audiences and musicians with great acoustics and sightlines, an affordable, flexible booking approach, dedicated staff trained to working effectively with musicians and presenters from different musical genres and cultures, and a well-planned and well-sustained ambience.

Place. VIM will be THE west coast place to hear live music every night of the week, to hear emerging artists and visiting performers, and to enjoy a public space, centrally located and purpose-built to capture the joy that is music and music making – anytime.

About Vancouver Independent Music Centre Society

VIMCS has undertaken a series of studies to determine the need for, and the feasibility of, a new state-of-the-art venue that will suit the needs of the entire music community.

Our extensive Feasibility Study, completed September 2013, has helped VIMCS determine our next steps. Your support is needed to create the following important tools:

• an Acoustical Concept and Performance Specifications Study that will inform the design of the VIM

• a Vision and Business Plan for a vibrant, casual café-bar that will support the operation of the VIM

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