V.A.S.T. Veterinarians Abroad Supporting and Teaching (veterinary services)

Registered Name: V.A.S.T. Veterinarians Abroad Supporting and Teaching Inc.

Business Number: 830298444RR0001

Our Mission

Our long-term vision is to set up supportive, educational clinics in rural areas of disaster-struck developing countries that rarely see veterinary or animal husbandry services. We educate whole families on animal management and health options to improve living conditions for themselves and their livestock.? It is essential that all members of the community feel empowered and involved in rebuilding their agricultural sector. We are committed to building communities of resilient, informed, connected and uplifted people through the animals that provide the foundation of their security.

Our Work

We train local animal health workers in food animal care, disease prevention and treatment, and biosecurity. The goal is to recognise key diseases in livestock before they become fatal, as well as give locals the opportunity to have their animals health checked. A secondary goal is to deliver needed veterinary medicines and supplies to communities. We transport and administer vital veterinary medicines and supplies to these communities including vaccination and deworming treatments.

Presently we are planning a trip to Nepal for 2016, and the Philippines in the spring of 2017.

You can make a profound impact when you support a teaching based charity; the gift you provide keeps growing as skills and information are passed from educators to animal care workers and then spread throughout the community and country.

What People Are Saying

"Those of us here have just won the birth place lottery ... to see people with very, very little really struck me and it's really stayed with me. It's not just about the animals it's about the people. If we can help the animals and the people at the same time it's better for everybody."

— Dr. Rayna Gunvaldsen, Read More

"Since many of these areas rarely receive animal husbandry services, the team will also provide health checks, vaccinations and deworming to the livestock."

— Robyn Thrasher, Read More

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