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About Vela Canada

Established in 1985, Vela Canada is a not-for-profit based in British Columbia, Canada. Vela Canada assists individuals with disabilities in taking greater control of their lives by exploring ideas that can lead to customized, inclusive and creative supports through developing a Microboard™ or accessing Individualized Funding. There are now over 1,100 Microboards™ in BC alone, providing individuals with a self-directed lifestyle.

Vela Canada, known internationally as the experts on the development of Microboards™, was the first organization in the world to offer this focused service. They have been gaining traction and have been asked to help international family groups, organizations and governments throughout Canada, Australia, the United States, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and the Republic of Ireland. 

What is a Microboard?

A Microboard™ is a small (micro) group of committed family and friends (a minimum of 5 people) who join with an individual with a disability to create a non-profit society (board). Together, they help the individual plan his/her life, advocate for what they need, monitor services and ensure they are safe. They also help the individual connect with their community, manage funding and monies, and do fun things together.

What is Individualized Funding?

In British Columbia, Individualized Funding (IF) refers to a payment option for individuals with disabilities served by Community Living BC (CLBC). The money given to the person by CLBC through IF is to be used to create new or replace existing services, enabling the individual to arrange and manage their own services with the assistance of an agent.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and secure innovative and individualized community options for people with disabilities.

We do this by providing support and encouragement to think about what a good life means to you; person centred planning; networking opportunities; information and education; facilitated problem solving; service development; budget creation; negotiation support; sample employment documents; and assistance with paperwork.

We advocate provincially on the broader issues that affect those we assist. We work with like-minded agencies to enhance the lives of people with disabilities.

What People Are Saying

"Vela has been there for us from the conception of our daughter's Microboard 19 years ago, to the present. Vela's support and the education they provide, ensures that our daughter leads a wonderful inclusive life in community, surrounded by friends and family and supports tailored to her needs. "

— P Tesan

"Vela is a Godsend. I couldn’t have accessed Individualized Funding without them – I would have walked away from it!"

— L Mahar

"With supports managed by his Vela Microboard, Jeff thrives. We can live an awesome life together because Vela guides the people who truly care through the processes needed to turn that caring into actions that envision, create, and support this positive and joyful life over the long term. "

— C Lafortune

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