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Crisis Fund - South Sudan


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Crisis Fund - South Sudan

Emergency Rescue & Relief

We never know where we will be needed next! This Crisis Fund allows Veterinarians without Borders to respond at a moments notice to animals and people in crisis.

Currently, refugees are pouring into South Sudan from Sudan due to the violent conflict. The lucky few coming over with life sustaining livestock and other animals need kindness and support to get through this difficult time.

Fleeing during a conflict is a frightening task, made even more difficult when you need to flee with life sustaining, beloved animals. In South Sudan, cows, goats and more are often directly tied to nutritional and financial security. Keeping these animals healthy and happy means survival for their guardians.

VWB/VSF will be helping provide food, water and health care to keep these animals and their livelihoods alive - but only with your help.

Please donate now to the Crisis Fund to make a direct impact.