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Addressing Hinduphobia in Canada


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Addressing Hinduphobia in Canada

Hinduphobia needs to be recognized and addressed. There must be ZERO tolerance of hate targeting the Hindu community in Canada. Addressing Hinduphobia in Canada is a shared responsibility that demands collective efforts and action from various levels of government, law enforcement authorities, and our institutions. By raising awareness, promoting understanding, and advocating for the rights and safety of Canadian Hindus, we can work together to create a harmonious society where everyone, regardless of their faith or background, can live without fear and insecurity within the community.

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VHP's mission is to offer a platform for the Hindu community in Canada to celebrate our rich heritage, culture and arts while offering one voice for the community in the country.

We aspire to promote the principles of unity in diversity, social cohesion, multiculturalism, harmony, inclusiveness and pluralism in Canada in partnership with the Canadian Federal, Provincial and Local Governments thus leading to peace, progress, prosperity and social and economic benefits of Canadian cultural diversity.

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The objective of VHP Canada is to organize and consolidate the Hindu society and to serve / protect the interests of Hindu Dharma and its followers in Canada. Vishwa Hindu Parishad of Ontario (Canada) aspires to perform the following:-

- Raising among Hindus awareness of Dharma, its tenets, traditions and customs - Providing social service to those in need (seva)

- Establishing and strengthening links with other faith groups - Working to create an effective voice for the Hindu community worldwide

- Training Hindu priests. The focus of activities is on promoting Hindu Dharma and Indian culture

- Training Hindu priests to provide a service at the temples and to Hindu families in Canada

- Co-ordinating with VHP organizations based in various countries including Canada, USA, India and to offer support in all activities consistent with its objectives.