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Registered Name: Victoria Community Food Hub Society

Business No: 818349730RR0001


Having equitable and safe access to healthy, fresh foods should not be a luxury in our community. Everyone deserves a place at the table. 

If you value locally produced, fresh, healthy food, we invite you to share the love to fellow community members. Our FarmBucks program deeply subsidizes the product on South Island FarmHub online farmers’ market, so that local charities, community-based organizations and schools who support marginalized and vulnerable community members can have access to the highest quality produce and locally made foods available.

Neighbours feeding neighbours- what’s not to love?

“The Victoria Cool-Aid Society is forever grateful to the South Island FarmHub for this amazing and vital service. Our clients are deeply appreciative for all the delicious, locally grown produce that they get to enjoy because of the FarmHub and the funding received through the Farmbucks Program. Kudos to you and thank you.” - Paul Stewart, Chef at Cool-Aid Society

“This generous donation allowed us to access fresh, local produce and meat which would otherwise be outside of our food budget. … Access to food should always be given with dignity and grace and FarmHub has helped us do just that!" - Katie from Victoria Women’s Transition House Society

Your gift to the Farmbucks Program will support regional farmers and reduce food insecurity for our community.

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