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Victoria General Hospital is one of two general hospitals in Victoria British Columbia.  Ever since the building was built in the '80s there has been a thriving Auxiliary. 

Auxiliaries started out as charities for which the wives of physicians and other professionals in the community worked tirelessly to provide for the comfort of patients.  Before Medicare hospitals were built by the community and the Auxiliary was a major fund-raising arm.  Nowadays, the Auxiliary is made up of women, men, and even teens, who have the motivation and time to work to provide for the hospital. 

In the case of Vic General, the Auxiliary runs an important shop staffed entirely by member volunteers.  An eclectic variety of always changing merchandise keeps the staff, patients, and  visitors coming back.  You can find cards and chocolates, as well as the most beautiful fresh flowers in the fridge ; but there are also sundries, junk food, home décor items, yoga pants, scrubs, jewellery, some clothing, and lots of baby gear.  Members and friends knit baby layettes.

The Vic General Auxiliary has other fund-raising campaigns:  selling chocolate bars in the concourse, poinsettias for Christmas, bazaars and sales, etc.

The Auxiliary spends in the area of $200,000 annually on hospital items from the wish list.  Membership is a modest $5 and the members are all about business.  The Auxiliary welcomes donations of time, talent, ideas, and, of course, money, to keep us providing for the hospital.

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