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Hospital Heroes of Victoria

They’re there for you. Your Victoria frontline healthcare workers.

They care for the vulnerable, injured, and sick—you, your neighbour, your spouse, your parent. They are our heroes, our Caring Spirits.

More than 6,500 hospital caregivers and staff are working around the clock at Royal Jubilee, Victoria General, and Gorge Road hospitals. Their commitment and dedication to our community make you safer, now more than ever.

How can you help?

Our caregivers, facilities, and equipment are being put to the test like never before. This is the time we need to be there for them.

While Provincial and Federal governments continue to support COVID-19 related expenses, we have learned first-hand that the demand on our care teams is increasing. On average, our hospital teams treat 200,000 people annually; this is now growing at a rapid pace. Heart attacks, organ failure, car accidents, dialysis, respiratory failure, and broken bones continue. And they continue to increase daily visits to our hospitals and emergency departments. In the coming weeks and months, our hospital systems will endure unprecedented stress during and after the pandemic.

Please invest in our future.

As a Foundation, we follow Island Health’s guidance as to how best support our hospitals—today and always. Island Health is asking our donors to donate to the Greatest Need Fund. It’s the best way to ensure our care teams have access to critical equipment, now and into the future. Priority equipment is always a need.

Now more than ever, the future of our care depends on what we do today.

Right now, you can help ease this strain on our hospitals. You can get them the vital funds they need to purchase priority equipment, when they need it, as directed by Island Health.

Invest in local, world-class care—protect and maintain it through our current challenges into the future. Donate today to our Greatest Need Fund. Because together, we are stronger.

To our frontline healthcare workers. We see you. We thank you.

To our donors and supporters.

We are grateful for you.