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Hospital Heroes of Victoria


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Hospital Heroes of Victoria

 They’re there for us. Our Victoria hospital heroes.

They care for the vulnerable, injured, and sick—you, your neighbour, your spouse, your parent. They are our heroes.

More than 6,500 caregivers and staff work around the clock at Royal Jubilee, Victoria General, and Gorge Road hospitals. Their commitment and dedication to our community make us safer, now more than ever.

We all want to help.

Our caregivers, facilities, and equipment are being put to the test like never before. This is our time to be there for our hospital heroes. To show our commitment.

The Victoria Hospitals Foundation is proud to support our local medical staff and caregivers, today and since 1989. Forty percent of the equipment they rely on is funded by donations from community heroes just like you.

While Provincial and Federal governments continue to support COVID-19 related expenses, we have learned first-hand that the demand on our care teams is increasing. On average, our hospital teams treat 200,000 people annually; this is now growing at a rapid pace. Heart attacks, organ failure, car accidents, dialysis, respiratory failure, and broken bones continue. And they continue to increase daily visits to our hospitals and emergency departments. Donating to our Greatest Need Fund is an impactful way to ensure our care teams have access to critical equipment now and into the future. Priority equipment is always a need—during and after the pandemic.

Generous community members like you have helped raise over $150 million towards priority medical equipment, research, education, and special projects. You’ve put life-saving tools in the hands of professionals. You’ve built hospital wings and towers.

You’ve ensured that when we all need it, we have access to world-class care. You’ve changed and saved thousands of lives on Vancouver Island.

How we work for our heroes.

As a Foundation, we’re 22 of your fellow community members.  We’re dedicated to connecting your generosity with the needs of our hospital heroes. We follow Island Health’s guidance on how best support our hospitals—today and always. Our mission is to transform healthcare on the island. With your help, we know we can do it.

Our campaigns and appeals address the greatest needs in our hospitals. We understand that everyone has a unique, personal connection to our hospitals. And we understand that everyone has their own way to help. Supporting our hospital heroes is for everyone. We can’t do it without you.

Victoria’s hospital heroes are across Vancouver Island.

Our heroes may do their work locally, but their impact is felt far and wide. Royal Jubilee and Victoria General hospitals are the Island’s two largest hospitals. As such, they are our referral centres for specialty, advanced and critical care. Over 850,000 Vancouver Island and Gulf Island residents rely on our Victoria hospital heroes.

When you support the Victoria Hospitals Foundation, you’re ensuring the best care for your neighbours—near & far across the Island.

The future of our care depends on what we do today.

You can help ease the strain on our hospitals today and leave a legacy for the future.

Invest in local, world-class care—protect and maintain it through our current challenges into the future. Donate today. Because together, we are stronger.

Hospital heroes—we see you. We thank you.  Donors and supporters—we are grateful for you.

Give to our Greatest Need Fund today and ensure world-class care for the future.

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