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Kiwanis Emergency Youth Shelter - Renovation


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Kiwanis Emergency Youth Shelter - Renovation

Join Us in Transforming Lives: Kiwanis Club of Victoria's One Million Dollar Commitment to Renovate and Support Youth Shelter

At the Kiwanis Club of Victoria, we're embarking on a transformative mission—to complete extensive renovations on our youth shelter, a vital sanctuary for young individuals aged 13-18 who face homelessness or lack safe housing alternatives. Our commitment extends to raising one million dollars, and we need your support.

About Our Youth Shelter:

Our 10-bed home environment serves as a lifeline, offering emergency housing to youth of all genders in need. Here's what we provide:

  • Individual Assessment and Planning: Tailored plans to address the specific needs of each youth.
  • Access to Basic Needs Services: Including meals, showers, clothing, and essential hygiene products.
  • Connections and Referrals: Linking youths to crucial community supports for a holistic approach.
  • Assistance for Independence: Support with job searches, resume building, and fostering essential life skills.
  • Housing Solutions: Aid in housing searches and referrals to community housing.
  • Individual Support and Counselling: Providing a safe space for emotional and mental health support.

Why Your Support Matters:

Your contributions go beyond monetary value; they empower us to create a stable and nurturing environment for these vulnerable youths. With your generosity, we can offer them a chance at a better future, breaking the cycle of homelessness and fostering independence and growth.