Victoria Rainbow Kitchen Society

Registered Name: Victoria Rainbow Kitchen Society

Business Number: 814504650RR0001

One of the greatest threats to health and wellness in our culture today is what is known as Food Insecurity. 

Food insecurity, in short, is exactly how it sounds, there are many who simply do not have a secure source of food access, whether it is money to purchase, places to access food, multiple sources of supply, or one of many other barriers, these are contributors to poor health among a surprising number of Canadians. 

Here at the Victoria Rainbow Kitchen Society, it is our goal to ensure that as many as possible can have better access to hot meals and a fresh supply of food at no cost. 

The Rainbow Kitchen prepares and serves a hot lunch  to 90-125 people a day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year – no money charged, and no questions asked.   An estimated 1,100+ individuals are served over 36,000 meals during the year.

We are more than a meal, we are a community. We provide a place of connection, belonging, where guests and volunteers (no matter how little or much their capabilities allow) are part of a community, where they feel worthy, feel useful, feel safe.  

Like hosting friends for a dinner party, those who participate in our services are our guests. Our guests include street youth, seniors on low income, veterans, single parents and their young ones, families, the unemployed and underemployed, the working poor and individuals on social assistance or disability pensions. On school holidays and pro-d days, we have several school aged children as well.

We operate with the help of over 150 volunteers on a regular basis with 3 part time staff overseeing the operation of Rainbow Kitchen. We do everything possible to ensure that funds provided are put to good use through strong stewardship principles. 

Here is a brief cost breakdown as you consider donating:

1 meal = $3.35

$35 feeds 10 people

$100 feeds 30 people

$500 covers one day of operation (about 150 meals)

$2500 per week or 750 meals

$10,000 covers 1 month or 3000 meals. 

Every gift counts as much as the next, we are grateful for the support of our community to ensure better food security for those who call Rainbow Kitchen home. 

We are always looking to expand how to ensure better access to good, healthy food and are beginning a project to deliver meals to those unable to join us for lunch. 

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