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Our Mission

Striving for a community free of relationship violence and abuse, the Transition House, working collaboratively, provides quality shelter, support, counselling and education to women and children so that they can live free from the effects of abuse in intimate relationships.

About Our Charity

Since 1974, we have provided shelter and services for women, with or without children, who are experiencing abuse in intimate relationships. Programs include:

24-hour crisis line; shelter services; in-house children's programs; children who witness abuse program; stopping the violence counselling program; spousal assault victim support program; and, training and community education.

Each year, Victoria Women's Transition House provides emergency shelter, counselling and support to over 2000 women and 150+ children and youth at our emergency Shelter and through our community counselling and education programs. Our clients are women, older women and children who witness abuse. All our services are offered free of charge. 

Community Support in Action: We couldn't do it without you. THANK YOU. 

What People Are Saying

"I relied on you to be strong and guide us through a defining moment in our young lives. And look where we ended up - sucessful, happy, family oriented adults with bright futures thanks to you."

— Alex (son to his mother, 30 years after their stay with us.)

"“I feel like my life is just starting. But I’ve had a lot of help – especially from Transition House and the staff at Harrison Place. I really don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found this place."

— Katie

"Sometimes people undervalue the simple things people do that make a huge difference. It helps to create that warm, welcoming, tidy place for women whose whole lives are in chaos. Even little things people do makes a big difference."

— Tammy Dickeson, Volutneer, Read More

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