Registered Name: VIDEOGRAPHE INC.

Business Number: 105531255RR0001


Vidéographe is an artist-run centre dedicated to the research and the dissemination of moving image practices. This includes experimentation in video art, animation, digital arts, documentary, essay, fiction and dance video. Our mission revolves around five main aspects:

  • showcasing moving image practices and developing audiences through programming activities that highlight the plurality of the artistic practice; • ensuring the distribution of works and the fair payment of artists fees; • promoting development and research through the provision of support and advice to artists, researchers and curators as well as access to resources and expertise; • supporting the acquisition of professional expertise and the development of the media arts community; • building its collection and ensuring accessibility.



We are fulfilling our mandate through initiatives such as:

  • Screenings and exhibition programming
  • distribution
  • publication
  • professional traning and education
  • research and creation residencies for artistes, curators, and reseachers

We are dedicated to promoting the recognition and understanding of current and archival works equally.

Vidéographe conserves and distributes a collection of more than 2,250 videos made by more than 800 artists and engaged citizens. Thanks to Vidéographe, these works are showcased nationally and internationally through programming and distribution at festivals, galleries, museums, colleges and universities, as well as via the Internet. This video collection is one of the most important in Canada and is undeniably part of the country’s cultural heritage. It shines light on the social and artistic issues and movements that have helped shape cultural life in Quebec and Canada since the 1970s.


Since its founding, the Centre has constantly adapted to technological innovation and the emergence of new artistic and sociological approaches in order to stay relevant. In this spirit, we have set up outreach and digital exploration activities for adolescents and young adults. These projects, developed in partnership with organizations Dans la rue, La Maison d’Haïti and the youth centre Le Beau Voyage, allow us to share our values and expand our vibrant community.


Vidéographe is a thriving centre dedicated to video whose cornerstones are: research, sharing, exposure and community. Thanks to our unceasing efforts in dissemination and conservation, the talent of the 800 artists that we distribute is showcased throughout the country and around the world.

The residency and training programs that we offer encourage experimentation and facilitate the sharing of expertise by offering increased opportunities for artists to meet. Vidéographe is convinced that opportunities for exchange and reflection are key in fostering the creative process, which is nourished over time and through experience.

In order to continue to develop them and to carry out our mission with passion, we need your help. Your support is a testament of your renewed commitment both to us and to our shared values.

Vidéographe is a registered charity recongnized by the Canada Revenue Agency. A tax receipt will be issued for all donations of $20 and over.



You can support us by making a donation. We accept checks, debit/credit card, paypal and cash. You can also donate via the website CanaDon. For further information, please contact us : ou par téléphone au 514-521-2116 poste 221.

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